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Pay Per Click Services

What is Pay Per Click Services {PPC Services}

Pay Per Click Services {PPC} also known as CPC {Cost Per Click}. PPC is an Internet Advertising model uses to direct traffic to websites. An advertiser only pays a fee when they get a click on their ads.

Pay Per Click Services

Type of Pay Per Click Services:

There are many types of Pay Per Click {PPC} services you have heard about but here we are only sharing top three types of Pay Per Click {PPC} service, which will help your business to generate more leads, get more visitors for your website & also help you to increase your brand awareness.

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  1. Paid Search Advertising: Paid Search Marketing is a part of the Pay Per Click Services. Providers such as Google Ad words and the Bing Network show your ad to users who search for certain keywords. You set up campaigns by writing ad copy, selecting relevant keywords and choosing a suitable landing page on your site.
  2. Display Advertising: Display advertisement is defined by Banner ads {combination of text & graphic}, that appear in the designated area of a website, social media platform or mobile application. Digital display advertising is a way to grow your brand’s awareness online. Display advertisement helps you to make people aware of your brand. As a result, it helps you to generate more leads by showing some offers to them.
  3. Remarketing: In the nutshell, Retargeting is another name of Remarketing.  Remarketing is a very clever way to connect with those visitors who have already viewed your website. You can use Remarketing to promote your product or services to achieve a certain conversion goal such as lead generation. Remarketing can increase your conversion rates and ROI because visitors who are already familiar with your brand. Your visitors are much more likely to become customers or complete other valuable actions on your site.

Needs of Pay Per Click Services:

It is said that why should we go for PPC when we can get organic Traffic from Search Engine Optimization {SEO) but they do not understand the importance & value of PPC {Pay Per Click}.

1. Cost Effective: One of the misconceptions around PPC campaigns has to do with cost. Many people believe that PPC is a waste of money and that keeps them away from using it. In PPC Campaign, you pay Google or other search engines for the listing of your ads. The best part of Pay Per Click services is that you only pay when any visitor clicks on your ads. It is very cost effective  & also helps you with your brand awareness.

2. Targeted Ads: PPC gives you full control to place your ads, where you want to display your ads. This means you can make your marketing campaigns more targeted & effective. PPC also helps you to choose your audience, which helps you to get the right audience, at right time and from the right platform.

3. Customizable: Pay Per Click {PPC} ads are highly customizable. From limiting your ads budget to targeting your audience you can customize it, you can customize by choosing your platform where to show your ad, you can choose your audience, geographical location, audience sex, age and many more.  

4.  Fast Result: Where SEO takes time to generate traffic PPC Ads help you to generate traffic for your website and it is very necessary for a business if a business is selling any product or services through which you can earn a huge amount of turnover. It only helps you to increase your sale from almost immediate effect but also help you in Brand Awareness as an additional benefit of PPC Ads.

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